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Includes: Halcyon Hosta, Caramel Coral Bells, and Visions in Pink Astible.

#16 Stephanie

SKU: 202416
  • •    Orders must be placed no later than Monday, April 29, 2024.
    •    Plants received will appear as the perennial would in the ground at this time of year in zones 6 and 6A.
    •    Pictures do not reflect actual size of bloom or size of plant and appear in various stages of bloom - colors may vary.
    •    With the exception of individual herbs in 3" pots, all plants will be provided in 1-gallon pots unless indicated otherwise.
    •    OFGC reserves the right to make appropriate substitutions based on availability of individual plants.
    •    Substitutions by the consumer are not permitted.
    •    All sales are final.
    •    Minimum order is $25.
    •    If consumer does not wish to pay online, payment must be received in cash or check by our treasurer prior to May 5.  To receive a call from the treasurer, please submit an inquiry to this website.

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